About Me.
I’m a firm believer in moving with the flow: following trends, cultures, styles, and fashion; staying current and unique as a designer, while being forward thinking and adaptable; creating great design through the careful consideration of users, markets and competitors. listening and learning, I seek to understand the fundamental cultural values of visual design, and bring that comprehension to my design.
With a BA (Hons) in advertising (2:1), I gained invaluable experience of idea generation and multimedia production. By exploring the theoretical concepts of persuasion and psychological behaviour and applying practical design skills I learnt how to guide the audience’s emotional and cognitive biases to persuade, inspire and influence.
After graduating I went on to pursue a career in graphic design, with a passion for art and the creative process I naturally gravitated toward art and design and became inspired by designers such as Aaron Draplin and Brian Steely, their dedication to craft and their personal style is a driver of my own professional attitude.
Now as an experienced professional designer I like to move quickly through ideas, conceptualising, collaborating, experimenting and prototyping; exploring trends, technologies and forms to bring exciting ideas to life. For me, great design is always the result of application and inspiration spending time in an exploratory space where ideas can play and evolve, approaching problems from new perspectives and dedicating your time to a design.
Working in South Wales for the Scarlets Rugby, I led the visual design of the brand. Developing exciting visual communication for marketing campaigns, bringing new ideas for marketing campaigns and produced work for print, digital, interactive digital, user and product interface, stationary and video. I worked meticulously to ensure industry standards of design practice and ensured marketing material was presented to the highest standards of quality with close attention to brand continuity. My role at the Scarlets also involved focusing my time on digital marketing, developing my understanding of social media trends and new digital marketing tools and technology, and my ability to stay up to date on enticing ways our audience could interact with the brand. 
My time working in Scotland, Wales and Kenya has given me incredible opportunities to work with brands to develop purposeful visual design solutions. I now have more than two years’ industry experience designing logos, branding, visual commercial spaces, promotional print material, digital user interfaces, websites, product packaging and merchandise for clients such as the Colonsay Brewery, Wild Island Botanic Gin, BRRD Skateboarding, The Strade Park Hotel, Parc y Scarlets, Liverpool Slavery Museum, Fanaka Feeds and 3D Entertainment.
I love to work with forward thinking organisations, adopting the ethos a company represents, and working with a common direction and purpose, becoming part of the company culture cultivates a sense of belonging and pride for the work that I do.